Our Story

Hi everyone! 

We try and keep the focus of My Kingston on the local businesses we feature and the local area, however we wanted to share a bit more about us to shed some light on who’s behind all of this!

We are a local couple with family who have run artisan market stalls across London for years. With a background in marketing, we set out to create a platform that would help local businesses like the markets attract people from the local area and beyond.

We launched our first location (My Richmond) in December 2016 and fast forward to 2020, what started as a hobby has now grown into a full time family run business! Over the past 5+ years, we've worked hard to organically grow a large social media audience for people who love Kingston upon Thames and now we work with many of the best (mostly independent) businesses in the area. 

... and then coronavirus arrived.

We absolutely love what we do and one of the highlights has been getting to know so many of the local business owners who have of course been hit hard by the pandemic, which is why we decided to launch the #LoveLocal Kingston voucher scheme in March to support them.

We do not profit from voucher sales in any way and have now raised over £750 for businesses in Kingston from voucher sales. It has been amazing to see so much community spirit and support - thank you so much to everyone who has bought a voucher! 

The Future

As well as running our advertising plans for local businesses, in 2020 we are launching an online marketplace stocking locally sourced products, gifts and experiences from Kingston. 

We hope it will help you to easily support local businesses and spend more time in your local area.

Megan & Jake (Founders, My Kingston) x 

Megan & Jake x